We Have Started Our Journey To Access Barrier-Free Information

Internet is one of the most important elements of our lives since the first day of creation. We consult to internet for each issue and we use it to learn things, to have fun and to communicate. We use both visual and auditory items at the same time and we can reach everything we want easily. So digital resources can be really accessed by "everyone" when "equal opportunity" on education and access to information constantly emphasized? We think that internet sites must be accessible and every individual can access to any information without barriers like internet speed, browser differences and most importantly pyhsical disables as one of the designers in the digital environment of information.For this purpose we helped to develope web sites in this direction by working with a lot of organizations an fundations. And now as Disual, we support the bilgiozgurlugu.com., "Computer Literacy Education For Visually Impaired People" web site which were laid in a master's thesis work and get support of administrator and teachers of Alti Nokta Korler Vakfi.


In USA and Europe, web sites have to include accessibility functions according to the law. Every web site should be prepared by taking into consideration accessibility standards which adopted all over the world of W3C (Web Accessibility Initiative). Today there are a lot of assistive technologies for disabled people to integrated them into IT field. Visually impaired individuals can listen the audio of every text on their screen by using the computer programmes such as Jaws, VoiceOver and Nvidia. To use this programmes efficient on your computer you should give title and alt text for images, use the CSS structure,allow the user to customize settings such as color and font size, apply the level of the title of writings correct, place the button and the links, renaming the forms. All these are the correct and properly performed, it is possible to obtain a site which is accessible for everyone.

www.bilgiozgurlugu.com is a project which prepared with the infrastructure support of Disual to make an information source for visually impaired individuals who get special education in the cources. Visually impared users can retrive pictures and links, font size, contrast colors, the option of skipping the menu and site map by using the shortcuts or auditory directions. The aim is to improve the access of blind citizens to the internet, improve the terms of use and do our part in social responsibilities.

We will offer users better and developed accessible web sites which can be easily use by visually impared people in the future. Thus, we will fulfill our part in terms of social responsibility. To close the gaps in the field of social responsibilities and fix the issues of our country, supporting the social responsibility projects should be considered as an office of citizenship and must be fulfill.