Amazon Turkey Has Officially Opened But Did It Meet Our Expectations?

Last week on 19th September 2018, Amazon, which is USA’s e-commerce giant and has 310 million active users, finally opened Turkey’s official website.

This grand opening with special offers and high expectations has succeed to take so many attention. has 10 categories: Books, Electronics, Computers & Office, Cellphones, Home & Kitchen, Self-Care Product, Tools, Video Games & Consoles, Baby & Toys, Sports & Outdoors. If we compare with original website we can say that Amazon Turkey has very limited categorization.

Amazon didn’t brought their own product like Amazon Prime (special and advantaged membership), Echo, Alexa, Kindle, Fire and more. At the same time if we check how Amazon works; it’s a website that sells products from their own stock. With this way they can sell lots of product with great deals. At the same time website also allows 3rd party sellers, on marketplace. On their own stock -both at numbers and variety of product- there are limited options. It won’t be lie if we say that they're failed.

Although they were running their infrastructure on Turkey’s market, Amazon Turkey just too new. On coming days, maybe they will be able to reach the service, quality and variety standards of their other websites. But for now they couldn't meet our expectations.