TÜBİSAD 2017 Reports Has Declared

Information Industry Association (TÜBİSAD) published their “The Information and Communication Technology Sector Market Data for 2017” and "Turkey E-Commerce Market Size 2017" reports. Both of the reports gives us numbers and comparative rates from one year term and between 2012-2017.

Highlights of The Information and Communication Technology Sector Market Data for 2017:
  • 2012-2017 Sectoral Development

In 2017, Turkey's ICT market has reached the size of 116.9 billion TLY with 18.2% growth rate. Size of the Turkish ICT sector has almost doubled by growing at annual average rate of 15% since 2012. On USD base market has been trending in the 30-32 billion USD range since 2012.

  • The Size Of Information and Communications Technology Sector

Information Technologies has three sub categories as hardware, software and service. All of these three categories comprise %35 percent with 41,3 billion TLY. Communication Technologies has two sub categories as electronic communications and comms equipment. All of these two sub categories comprise %65 percent with 75,6 billion TLY.

  • Information and Communications Technology Sector Exports

ICT sector’s export has reached 4,691 TLY with 18,2 growth rate on TLY base. If we look from USD perspective ICT sector’s export has doubled and reached 1,3 billion USD range.

  • Employmnet

For Information Technologies 89k and for Communication Technologies 39k, totally 128k people has hired by ICT sector.

Highlights of Turkey E-Commerce Market Size 2017:
  • Turkey E-Commerce Market Size 2017 Report has analysed e-commerce market with four sub categories named Online Legal Betting, Travel, Multi-channel Retail and Pure Online Retail.
  • Turkey e-commerce market size has reached (on retail 23,0 billion TLY, on non-retail 19,2 billion TLY) 42,2 billion TLY with %37 growth rate. On USD base market size has reached (on retail 6,3 billion USD, on non-retail 5,3 billion USD) 11,6 billion USD with %23 growth rate.
  • Turkey e-commerce market size growth %32 on TLY base and %12 USD base between 2013-2017.

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