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Have you tried Facebook video ads? Looking for better ways to connect with your Facebook audience? Small adjustments to the way you design and target your Facebook video ads can increase your engagement and conversions. In this article you’ll discover new tips to improve your Facebook video ads.

Audience Preferences

Rather than create content that targets a wide audience, focus on creating videos that target a specific audience segment. These videos are more likely to get clicks to your website, comments and likes. For example, if your website offers several services or products, create a video for one specific product or service rather than your business in general.

General videos are good for branding but not for businesses focused on direct response. You can use Facebook Audience Insights to find out who your audience is, if you aren’t sure already. This can be market research to correct video ads content. From here you can explore demographics, such as age, gender, lifestyle, relationship status, education level and job title. You’ll also see page likes (what pages your audience likes), where your target audience is located, how active they are on Facebook, composition of their household and more.

Capture Attention Quickly

Successful videos get to the point right away. You need to catch the attention of your audience in the first 5 seconds. Here are a few ways to achieve this goal:

  • Hint at what you’re going to talk about,
  • Tell people that you can solve their specific need.

Most videos are muted unless the user clicks on the audio button. This means that you need to complement the audio with a supporting visual so the first 5 seconds help you achieve good performance. Keep in mind, too, that Facebook is a social platform, so viewers are likely to skip videos that are too commercial.

Keep Runtime and the Message in Mind

Lengthy videos aren’t as effective as shorter ones because people are more likely to stop watching them. Many online advertisers recommend that you create videos that are about 30 seconds long. Whatever the length, make sure to create the video with the five Ws in mind:

  • Who: The people you’re addressing
  • What: What you’re offering
  • Where: Where people can find the product
  • When: Whether there’s limited availability of your product or people can get it anytime
  • Why: Why it’s important to use your product or service to satisfy a particular need
Combine Visuals, Voiceover and Music for Maximum Impact

When creating videos for Facebook, pay attention to how you deliver your message. Keep in mind that videos autoplay without audio, and users need to initiate the audio. It’s also important to engage users because the video will stop if they open up another post. Incorporate audio and background music to generate value and keep users engaged throughout the ad. Use visuals and text in a way that supports your statements and makes the whole experience more enjoyable for viewers.