2018 Yılının Son E-Ticaret EtkinlikleriWhile we coming to end of the 2018, we compiled this year's last e-commerce events in Europe for you. If you also want to develope your business or have any intentions for startups, you can check those enlightining and wide-context event list.



Luxatia International / Retail 4.0 Summit

18-19th October 2018

Berlin / Germany


Project Network / B2B E-Commerce & E-Business

22-23rd October 2018

Berlin / Germany



23-25th October 2018

Lille / France


Shopper Insights & Retail Activation International

29-31st October 2018

Amsterdam / Netherlands


Leicester Digital / E-Commercial Conference

30th October 2018

Leicester / United Kingdom


eCommerce Show North

6-7th November 2018

Manchester / United Kingdom


Savant eCommerce London

6-7th November 2018

Londra / United Kingdom


GPeC Ecommerce Summit

12-13th November 2018

Bucharest/ Romania


eCommerce Expo

24-25th November 2018

Athens / Greece


B2B Online Europe

28-29th November 2018

Amsterdam / Netherlands


Connected Day

29th November 2018

Lille / France