Voice Shopping, New Page in E-Commerce

Smart technologies; has already covering big part of our daily life with smartphones. Nowadays with smart speakers, those technologies also started to enter our houses. Amazon launched first smart speaker - Amazon Echo in 2014 and after big brands like Google, Apple, Alibaba, Xiaomi hit the market with their own speakers. By taking voice commands directly from you, smart speakers are aiming to make our life easier.

On smart speaker market two brands taking the most attention; Amazon Echo and Google Home. These two, with giving voice shopping service, are leading the big new phase in e-commerce sector. Working principle of voice shopping has two steps and they’re so easy: To start your purchase first you need to create an account which includes your name, address, telephone number and card number. On the second step you’re just basically telling the speaker name of the product you want to purchase. Then system giving you name & price information about product you want to purchase. After taking your consent purchase will be completed! Some of the smart speakers supporting the login system so you just have to create your account once after that you just have to login your account. Also with keeping your purchase history they can order products you ordered before easily.

Maybe voice shopping just started to come into our lives but if we consider all the things it offers, it’s obviously so promising. Voice shopping couldn’t reached the selling numbers of app or website based purchases yet but experts presuming that voice shopping will have bigger numbers on e-commerce sector in the future.