Instagram'da Şirket Profileri As anounced in the last months, Instagram launched first screenshots for the company new profile pages.

To take place in different platforms for your business, we had to use  social media like Facebook, Linkedin or Twitter. Instagram was not even a last choise. However Instagram is upgrading it self with many novelty like the company profile pages.

First impression on the screenshots is the new "Contact" button embeded in the page. With the use of this button visitors can directly reach "E-mail" and "Get Direction" options so they can get in touch with the company faster.

Also the "Get Direction" option will enable users to see the company address on a map and have the chance to use the navigation automaticaly.

Another option is to give companies the tagging oportunity. Companies will be able to add any kind of tag like sports, heath, technology, news etc... as the interest of their own. This option is underconstruction and the start date has not yet published by the application.

Instagram'da Şirket Profileri