Dropbox Extensions İle Bütün Çalışma Alanını Tek Platformda ToplayacakDropbox, preparing to share Dropbox Extensions which will gather useful working tools.

On their own blog they summarize this new form like that; “We know that our users love having the freedom to choose the tools best-suited for their work—but not the friction of having to toggle between them to get work done. Think of how many steps it takes just to get a contract signed: you have to send someone the contract, they download it, sign it virtually, probably save it somewhere, then send it back to you before you finally save the signed version back to Dropbox. With Dropbox Extensions, you’ll be able to: Take a contract from first draft to final PDF to signature with no uploading, downloading, or scanning; digitally fax that signed contract to its final destination directly from the Dropbox file; Annotate videos or edit images in Dropbox for real-time feedback on the fly and automatically save these updates back to your shared folders, so your whole team is in sync.”

They built partnerships with Adobe, Autodesk, DocuSign, Vimeo, airSlate, HelloSign, Nitro, Smallpdf, and Pixlr to provide whole these possibilities. Dropbox also giving the signals of that they will keep improving new features.