25 Ways Artificial Intelligence Is Changing BusinessOn our age, there is a technology which started shining from day to day: Artificial Intelligence. Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI) are both huge and important topics that should be analyze one by one. But before that, we recommend you to read the arcticle that written by Fortune Magazine” which explains how AI changing our business life in 25 ways.

Article start with these sentences: “It’s time to get real about A.I.’s future, a subject in desperate need of discipline. The technology’s mind-blowing possibilities have apparently inebriated various seers, who take two routes to fantasyland: propagating boldly precise forecasts of jobs to be spawned and destroyed years hence, or spinning tales of A.I. transforming our world into a heaven (or hell). Instead, we wanted to confront the realities of how A.I. is changing business—minus the melodrama.” And all the articles’ headers are like that:

How AI Is Changing the Way You Work

How AI Is Shaking Up Banking and Wall Street

How AI Is Changing How We Build Things

3 Ways AI Is Making You Safer

7 Ways AI Is Changing How You Shop, Eat, and Live

3 Ways AI Is Changing Healthcare


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