Instagram launched its new feature Instagram TV (IGTV) in past months.

Beside of the fact that IGTV has come with its own application, it can also been watch through Instagram. But videos only can be upload through IGTV app or web. IGTV allows only vertical (your natural phone - holding position) videos. From the moment you open IGTV, like a real television, videos starting to play automatically from the channels you already followed. Most striking part of IGTV is; video time limitation’s expansion up to 1 hour. But there is a condition for use this 1 hour video expansion. If only you have a verified or big influencer account on Instagram, you can use 1 hour. Other users also got time expansion for IGTV videos but it’s just 10 minutes. Even we can’t know that what’s going to happen, for now 1 hour time limitation has advantages for company accounts. It gives the accounts more efficient time to use compare to uploading stories (15 second max.) or videos (60 seconds max.) directly to accounts. We will see the success of Instagram’s very new interference on forthcoming days.